[Grml] linld boot options

Dietmar Segbert didi.segbert at arcor.de
Sat Feb 23 18:17:00 CET 2008


i want to boot grml with linld. The grml.squashfs, linux26 and initrd.gz  
are in /live.

The kernel boots up to the prompt "initramfs".

But i can not do anything , because swspeak and brltty is not on. With  
help of a "Gucki" i found out, that the usb-stick ist /dev/sda.

Is there a option, that i can say the grml.squashfs is on /dev/sda?

I have set the live-media-path=live.

Or is there a initrd.gz with brltty, so that i have control over initramfs  
or the busybox.



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