[Grml] grml and linksys wireless USB adapter

cmbrannon at cox.net cmbrannon at cox.net
Mon Feb 18 00:42:19 CET 2008

> Hi,
> Does the linksys wireless USB adapter work with grml? This USB adapter is 
> for receiving wireless signals put out by a wi--fi router. Also, does 
> Emacspeak and IBM viavoice come with grml? What speech synthesizers come 
> with the standard grml?

I'm not sure about your Linksys card, but I suspect it will work just fine.
Do you use it with another Linux distro?
If the card isn't supported by a native Linux driver, it will probably
work with ndiswrapper.  Every wireless device I've ever owned works with
ndiswrapper under Linux.

Viavoice is proprietary software, so it isn't part of any Linux distribution.
If you want it, you have to buy a license for the ttsynth or voxin product.

grml comes with the ESpeak and Flite softsynths.
Personally, I use ESpeak.
It is actively developed, fast, and lightweight.  The last release
of Flite was years ago.

grml does not come with Emacspeak.  You might have a look at speechd-el.
This is Emacspeak's lightweight cousin, developed by the Speech Dispatcher
It is included on the live CD.

PS.  Even if it doesn't come with grml, you can always grab it with apt-get,
assuming that it is available from a Debian mirror.

Hope this helps,
-- Chris

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