[Grml] Re: starting grml_medium with linld

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Sun Feb 17 20:02:33 CET 2008

* Dietmar Segbert <didi.segbert at arcor.de> [20080217 17:21]:

> If have add the live-medium-path= in the parameter-file for linld, but it  
> did not work.

> I want to run grml_medium on an asus eeepc.

> The usb-stick boots to novell dos (c:). In the directory grml are the  
> files linld077.com linld.par linux26 initrd.gz and grml.iso (the  
> grml.squashfs file).


> The last mesassege is something as waiting for rootfs but no sound and no  
> braillterminal.

Try using the official directory layout from grml-medium on your
usb-stick as well. If *that* works for you can work on adjusting
stuff according to your preferences. So please use the
"live/"-directory for the squashfs file while testing.

> Is the brltty package on the grml_mdeium?


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