[Grml] starting grml_medium with linld?

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Thu Feb 14 20:32:37 CET 2008

* Dietmar Segbert <didi.segbert at arcor.de> [20080214 20:06]:

> i want to start the grml_medium with linld or loadlin.

Sorry for my ignorance, but why do you want to boot using linld or

> I have copied the grml.squashfs file the linux26 and the initrd.gz to an  
> usb-stick and on in a direcotory named grml.


> The usb-stick boots to novel-dos 7.0 and after that i want to start the  
> grml_medium with support for my brailledisplay and softwarespeak (blind  
> brltty=vo,usb,text-german.tbl swspeak).


> How must i set the options for grml in an parameter-file for loadlin or  
> linld?

This is what current versions (grml 1.1-rcX, grml-medium 0.1-rcX)


Please notice that by default the grml.squashfs file is assumed to
reside inside a directory named 'live'. For other configurations use
bootoption live-media-path=..., see 'man live-initramfs' for further

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