[Grml] Missing fat32 partition

Maurice McCarthy moss at mythic-beasts.com
Tue Feb 12 08:09:10 CET 2008

Many of the things you ask about have been discussed in this mailing list.
You can download the whole list archive with

wget http://lists.mur.at/pipermail/grml.mbox/grml.mbox

Thunderbird or Seamonkey on Windows should be able to import or open this
so that you can search it.

Good Luck!

> Thanks, I'll check all those things out.
> At the moment it is even more confusing, as I'm a blind user and I have to
> learn, not only linux, but also how to work with speech in linux.
> At the moment I haven't goten gnome to run even; the startx command does
> nothing, but I guess that is another topic...

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