[Grml] Missing fat32 partition

Maurice McCarthy moss at mythic-beasts.com
Mon Feb 11 10:20:18 CET 2008

Hi Willem

As root open the file /boot/grub/menu.lst in an editor and add these lines
at the bottom:

title         Windows
root          (hd0,0)
chainloader   +1

Save the file. This should fix it as long as long as the Windows C: drive
is Grub's (hd0,0). Before rebooting you can check this with cfdisk.

cfdisk /dev/hda

/dev/hda is (h0,0) in Grub - the Grand Universal Boot Loader - and usually
C: drive in Windows. You should get an output like this:

 cfdisk (util-linux-ng 2.13.1-rc1)

                               Disk Drive: /dev/hda
                         Size: 81964302336 bytes, 81.9 GB
              Heads: 16   Sectors per Track: 63   Cylinders: 158816

    Name        Flags      Part Type  FS Type           [Label]       
Size (MB)
    hda1        Boot        Primary   W95 FAT32 (LBA)                   
    hda2                    Primary   Linux ext3                       
12247.61 *


or whatever.


> I've just installed grml with the help of a friend.  I also boot windows
> on the same pc.  I have a fat32 partition that used to show up in my
> computer in windows before I installed grml.  What do I need to do to make
> the drive show again?
> Willem._______________________________________________

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