[Grml] grml-x in rc1

martin yazdzik yazdzik at nyct.net
Mon Feb 11 03:44:09 CET 2008

Dear M and friends,

I tried today to play with the rc1

Following issues:

1. in attempting to su to grml to run grml-x, get "cannot find file
grml" error
2. if I run grml-x as root, all seems to be well, but then the error
"priority is -1 instead of requested -0" then nothing
3. if I change to bash, and run grml-x as grml, all seems to be well, I
get the note creating x-authority, then the errno111 no reply from

In other words, in grml 0.9, then grml 1.0, x was easy, grml-x -module
radeon fluxbox, and x appeared within seconds.

In the current release candidate, I am convinced that either I am
stupid, or there is a problem with grml-x, or both.

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