[Grml] Short hint: booting via PXE WITHOUT NFS

Markus Wigge mwigge at marcant.net
Tue Dec 2 12:36:12 CET 2008

Hi everybody,

just a quick hint for those who like to boot a grml-small via PXE but
don't want to setup a NFS server for it.

With the old release I patched the initrd to achieve this, but since
2008.11 this works out of the box:

Setup your pxelinux.cfg like this:
LABEL grml-small-2008.11
        MENU LABEL grml-small 2008.11 (HTTP)
        kernel grml/2008.11/small-linux26
        append initrd=grml/2008.11/small-minirt26.gz boot=live \
 fetch=http://archive.example.org/grml-2008.11/grml-small.squashfs \
 nodhcp noeject vga=791 lang=de

have fun,

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