[Grml] Wireless Configuration Problem

Tom White tom at bulldogcountry.com
Tue Aug 12 19:29:47 CEST 2008

I recently switched from wired to wireless networking on my 
2.6.23-grml hard disk system.  I configured wireless while the 
wired networking card was still in my laptop and connected.  I'm 
sure I had wireless working because I set the cable modem on my 
ethernet port offline.

Now I've removed my wired networking equipment and GRML doesn't
configure wireless networking.  After a "modprobe bcm43xx" and 
"ifup eth1" the syslog records:

  Microcode bcm43xx_microcode4.fw not available or load failed

That file is still in /lib/firmware, and its date predates the 
removal of my wired networking hardware.

"grml-network" doesn't see eth1, but "iwconfig" does.

I'm guessing that GRML loaded additional code at boot when 
it found a wired ethernet connection.

-- Tom White

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