[Grml] grml and grml64 on one CD?

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon Aug 11 16:57:53 CEST 2008

* Thorsten Strusch <thorsten at ksan.de> [20080808 18:12]:

> I have several i386 and amd64 debian servers. So I have to
> use grml-medium and grml64-medium CDs.
> It would be great, if I can have just one CD/DVD with both
> versions on it.

> How can I achieve this? Is grml-live able to produce such
> an multiarch CD?

> Or if I could change /live to /live64 for grml64, I could
> use syslinux to select the version to boot...

Yes, that's possible. I have a 2GB USB pen that provides the
possibility to choose between 'grml' (default, being grml 1.1) and
'grml64' (being grml64 0.2).

Currently neither grml-live nor grml2usb provide that feature OOTB
(though it's on the wishlist for both tools).  But it's pretty easy
to get that feature with just a few manual steps involved.  Please
give me a few hours/days and I'll write down the according steps for
you; as soon as it's available I'll write a mail to the mailinglist.

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