[Grml] grml-small - raise ISO-size?

Franz Lax Franz at lax.priv.at
Tue Sep 18 01:34:43 CEST 2007

> As grml-live will be available to the public soon and everyone might
> build his own grml-version ;-), everyone could build his own
> grml-small version anyway.
> So what's *your* opinion about "grml-small grows to ~125MB"?
> I highly appreciate any feedback.

well, life is a compromise.
but technology is making our life easier every 18 months....
is it neccessary to reduce the size of the iso to an extreme?
i personally prefer to have a slightly larger image and benefit
from the larger selection of available software.
a 128 MB usb stick costs less than 5 euro:
quadrupple this size costs less than 6 euros:
and the size of an mini-CDROM has been exceeded anyway ....
so why make a huge effort in saving a few MB?
my 5 c



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