[Grml] grml-small - raise ISO-size?

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon Sep 17 23:25:50 CEST 2007


I'm busy working on grml-live¹, a framework (based on FAI²) which
provides the possbility to build a grml-ISO with 1(!) single command
(oh and live-initramfs has been integrated into grml basically as
well already). Creating your very own grml version is pretty easy now.


This framework might be the system behind grml 1.1, grml64 0.2 and
grml-small 0.5 already and I think it's time to discuss the
ISO-size limit of grml-small now. :)

Some history:

  grml-small 0.1 started with 49MB total ISO-size,
  grml-small 0.2 had 56MB,
  grml-small 0.3 had 58MB and
  grml-small 0.4 has 60MB now.

So it's definitely growing (due to the new features of kernel and
userland in every single release).

The main problem for the grml team so far was, to keep the ISO size
of grml-small as small as possible but nevertheless provide all the
software people wanted to see included. Another important drawback
is the separate kernel version, which had to be maintained
*additionally* to the main (non-small) grml-kernel.

Using grml-live we are able to build grml-small with one single
command now. The resulting ISO for grml-small has a size of 133MB
currently - though the ISO still provides some more software than
grml-small 0.4 did (like python, aptitude,...) and even a full
featured /usr/share/doc (24MB) plus the current grml-kernel
(2.6.22-grml). So the 133MB ISO could be stripped down a little bit
further (maybe to something like 125MB) without losing toooo much.

My suggestion therefore is to raise the ISO-size of grml-small to
something like <=128MB (so it still fits on 128MB USB pens).


* some more software could be included (and /usr/share/doc could be
  shipped as well maybe)

* as maintainenance for the grml-team is much easier, we would
  provide up2date grml-small versions always together with a new
  release of (full) grml

* use of same kernel version as with full grml -> installing
  additional Debian kernel packages not being available on the ISO
  yet (due to lack of space) is no problem furthermore


* "grml toram" will last a little bit longer

* 64MB USB pens as well as the really small CDs aren't support
  anymore (though I recommend to use fast >=1GB USB pens for booting
  anyway nowadays ;-))

As grml-live will be available to the public soon and everyone might
build his own grml-version ;-), everyone could build his own
grml-small version anyway.

So what's *your* opinion about "grml-small grows to ~125MB"?
I highly appreciate any feedback.

¹ http://grml.org/grml-live/
² http://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/

 http://grml.org/            # Linux for texttool-users and sysadmins
 http://wiki.grml.org/       # share your knowledge
 http://grml.supersized.org/ # the grml development weblog
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