[Grml] grml 1.0: grml-network hickups

Werner Flamme werner.flamme at ufz.de
Tue May 29 20:16:43 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I installed grml i386 via grml2hd onto my laptop that ran with grml 0.9 
before. It is a IBM ThinkPad T23.

After booting from harddisk, I used grml-network to set up a static IP 
address for the on-board eth card. Now I can access the laptop via ssh, 
everything works fine.

Several hours later, my ssh connection is down, the laptop does not 
respond to pings. I use the console and - much to my astonishment - the 
static IP address was exchanged with an address from the DHCP range of 
my router! I used grml-network again to enter the static IP address - 
and next morning, it again was away and a dynamic IP address was used!

Well, since that first surprise this happens all few hours. I always 
chose "enable at boot" at the last prompt.

What can I do do have my system remember the static IP address assigned 
via grml-network instead of looking for a DHCP address?


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