[Grml] Re: Suspend resume bugs

Mark 27e3kk302 at sneakemail.com
Tue May 22 07:02:49 CEST 2007

> > The news is, grml should probably stop advising kernel upgrades to chase
> > suspend/resume problems.  As Linus says, they are 99% driver bugs. 
> Sure, and those driver bugfixes are part of kernel upgrades.

The point is, there are N drivers and 1 kernel.  Linus says these
suspend/resume interactions are nasty bugs.  When a compile flag
multiplies nasty bugs throughout the drivers in the kernel tree, then
you have a nightmare of multiplying bugs.

The long-term fix is to correct all the drivers.

The short-term fix is to turn the flag off.

One day all Linux drivers will be operational with experimental
suspend/resume.  That day is not today.  Even kernel devs are saying
this recent kernel series is too rushed - the bug triage expert resigned
in disgust.

> New drivers? We are talking about bugfixes....

I should have said "upgraded bug-fixed" driver.

> If CONFIG_USB_SUSPEND causes problems on specific hardware (what's
> the case) there's a bug somewhere.

Absolutely.  There are USB bugs hitting lots of people with 2.6.20:

> The fix for grml/upstream
> ...not disabling an option but to
> locate and fix the bug.

Well, I filed a report.  If you want to work on it, compile a 2.6.20
without the suspend flag, just to verify that's the issue.  Otherwise
I'll put that on my list.

2.6.21 is probably not an answer.  We can give it a test for you.  The
hardware worked with previous grmls and we can stay at 0.9 in the worst

Thanks again,

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