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martin yazdzik yazdzik at nyct.net
Mon May 14 15:34:19 CEST 2007

> Oh, strange. /etc/debian_version exists on grml, so what's the
> relevant stuff that Gnome thinks that it's not Debian? :)

setting the time from the gnome clock, and service settings - 

popup - the platform you are running is not supported by this tool -
not important, merely interesting

> Installing libgl1-mesa-dri would require 37.6MB of additional disk
> space, sorry - no chance.

right - just checking, as for me, it makes no difference, but to someone
running grml-x for the first time, and not knowing what to do, it may be
a confusing. 

> > for some reason, one still needs "ide1-noprobe" to get the atapi drivers
> > for a sata dvd drive - I am not sure why this does not happen with
> > feisty or sabayon...
> This should be related to CONFIG_PATA_* stuff in the kernel.

Right - I think your method is better for now, as the hardware
detection, if wrong, would render scd0 useless, whereas having scd0 as
hdc, then realising one cannot impement dma will lead to someone
figuring out fairly quickly to boot with the correct parameter, since
this issue is discussed a lot. 

> > the directories to mount the fstab or mtab entries are no longer created
> > automatically - silly this, as that was default behaviour on 0.9, and
> > saved unnecessary typing.
> Oh, this shouldn't happen. Do you have a file named
> /mnt/.grml-auto-created_do-not-delete-this-file? 

no such file!!!

> Yeah, a sucking problem if that does not work as expected to.

- interesting to note that my orginal cheat, grml-setlang to us english
utf8 set the /etc/defaults/locale to new york time zone - 1.0 has the
time zone commented out, so I just edited it by hand - I presume you did
this because utf8 is now the default encoding...  again, it took me
thirty seconds to correct the issue, but a note in the wiki to make sure
that the time zone is set appropriately in the default locale file is
now in order, as it is not the first place people tend to look, since,
even if the TZ is correct in the /etc files, if the default locale is
not correct, the read of the bios clock will not be.  (Thank you,
Microsoft for making this so complicated ;) )

I do agree that the reason I use the grml isntaller is to avoid the
lugubrious lethargy of the debian installer, so, yet again, your
decision is correct to avoid more questions, but this issue for someone
unfamiliar needs just that one sentence clarification at the wiki page
you noted.

At the moment, all is well with grml.


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