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martin yazdzik yazdzik at nyct.net
Fri May 11 05:36:56 CEST 2007

Dear Mika and friends,

What does work for me, ignorant noob that I am?

everything, basically - getting a complete gnome desktop is a matter of
really knowing deps, but otherwise, cool.  All serious issues, drivers,
sound, ndiswrapper, xorg config worked otob.

note - one can no longer set time or services via gnome apps because
gnome is convinced that the distro is not debian

3d accel works with my ancient ati x600 card with ati as driver in xorg,
which is fantastic....wow ....  note one must install gl dri libs by
hand! there is no reason to leave out such a small package, and if the
mesa dri were included and the xorg conf for ati drivers set to ati,
this would happen by itself. 

for some reason, one still needs "ide1-noprobe" to get the atapi drivers
for a sata dvd drive - I am not sure why this does not happen with
feisty or sabayon...

the directories to mount the fstab or mtab entries are no longer created
automatically - silly this, as that was default behaviour on 0.9, and
saved unnecessary typing.

the time zone thing is a disaster - after install grml is convinced that
the hw clock is set to cest, so booting in and out of it requires a
reset of the bios clock.There has to be a way to set this ab initio.

Either issue a warning that, before installing, the system should be
rebooted and the parameter TZ= set, or better yet, script the
a. is the hw clock set to utc?  if no, then
b. to what time zone is the clock set.

Thus, in my case, no, and America/New_York.

Now, if I had remembered to set the parameter at the original boot of
the live cd, this probably would not have happened, but that is not
something one considers, thus the warning or scripted questions would
save a failed install or two.  While almost all grml users are in
europe, this is a simple matter to remedy.

Although hardly necessary, since the distro is not designed to be a
consumer desktop, it would be nice if the entire gnome were available
somewhere, a la ubuntu.  for kde, this is unnecessary, as the versions
in either unstable or experimental all match, and most always do. gnome
is a mess over two or three versions.

There is still no subsitute for runlevel.conf anywhere - this is the
best thing anyone has ever invented for the end user.  All in all, grml
1 is nigh on perfect.



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