[Grml] How to disable the SMP support in GRML

Keith Hinton keithint38 at CommSpeed.net
Tue Mar 27 18:13:59 CEST 2007

I am trying to have a friend of mine with software speech on GRML have SMP shut off on his system.
Why is this?
Speechd-up and Speech-Dispatcher, have some issues with the threading support in SMP or something, that makes them crash at random, (and only when SMP) is used in the kernel.
This bug has existed for a long time, and only some machines are effected while other similar dual-core processers are not.
So far, we have tryed the following ordering of options:
grml nosmp swspeak,
grml swspeak nosmp,
swspeak nosmp (without GRML)
nosmp swspeak (Again without typing grml first)
His box seems to boot fine if you only pass "GRML sswspeak" to it, but if he uses nosmp, the machine seems to freze at the loading of theLinux kernel.
Is that chete code broken on  GRML0.8 (The version being used)?
Have there been any spisific issues that anyone has had with grml and the nosmp option?
I could manually shut off SMP support in GRML's kernel, grab the kernel sources, disable SMP, try to figure out how to define "Broken_on_SMP=yes, or whatever,
(wich would work fine)
But I really do not wish to begin manually compiling the kernel.
I can, you understand.
But I find it an annoyance to have to spend time downloading the sources for 2.6.17-grml, turning off SMP support, (I am not eaven sure) if the kernel could be recompiled from the CD.
Would that work, Mika?
Or, would I, (most likely) encounter kernel compilation errors because the CD is being used.
Would there eaven be enough space in the LiveCD environment (what get's loaded onto the system) to eaven extract the deb file?
Or, would I encounter an error? Probably, I would.

That is just my idea on that.

Could anyone send me an email about these questions? I have asked multiple questions today, and need more then one answer. I know this started out as an "NoSMP" issue, but I need to also get my questions about the recompilation of the kernel in LivecCD mode being possible or not. I was going to have my friend do the following:
rsync to get the deb file from my Gentoo Linux server, then do the following:

DPKG -I linux-source-2.6.17-grml_grml.06_all.deb

Then, assuming that worked,
cd /usr/src/linux
cp /boot/config-2.6.17-grml .config
make oldconfig && make menuconfig
Then finally:
make && make modules_install

Once the kernel is recompiled, coppy the changed config file back to the /boot folder, erase the deb file, install GRML to the hard-drive, and reboot.

This would be better Mika then me making a deb file already, I'd just use the kernel sources long enough to recompile everything.
What I am afraid of is that my wonderful idea will fail because I'll be trying to do all this on a running LiveCD.

Could you kindly please try to get back to me with any information on the questions about nosmp and kernel compilation, CD-space (when the environment has been uncompressed from squashfs) into memory, etc?


--Keith, KeithNet Network Administrator.

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