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my yazdzik at nyct.net
Thu Mar 15 16:09:58 CET 2007

One of the coolest things about grml is the runlevel.conf file -

if you go to /etc/runlevel.conf

and where it says  something like 

21	-	2,3,4,5		/etc/init.d/gdm

just change that to 

21(or whatever the number is) -    -   /etc/init.d/gdm

Then you will have to log in as root, and issue the command "gdm" or
startx to get into x.

As a matter of practical advice, I tend to do all system work outside of
x, as it is normally faster.

Now, if you only want to do this once, and continue to boot into x
automatically, then let the machine boot, ctl-alt-F2 into a console,
login as root, issue "killall grm" and you will have a console, to
regain x, just issue "gdm".



On Thu, 2007-03-15 at 22:53 +0800, coscell at mail.batol.net wrote:

> Hello,
> After installed gnome-desktop-environment, my computer booted direct into
> gui. How can I still boot at text mode?
> Thank you!
> Coscell
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