[Grml] bloody raid

my yazdzik at nyct.net
Fri Mar 2 19:51:50 CET 2007

Dear M and friends,

Okay, I am trying to accomplish the following and would like a little
help, although I realise I should not ask here:

1.  When using debian pure on a partition I can merely
chroot /thatpartition and apt-get, install, and so.  I am never able to
do this in a grml install, which means that if I want to install grml on
partition /blah, I have to be running it in order to work in it, which
is a waste of time.

2.  More importantly,  I need fast boot times on the laptops.  I built
kernel no raid, no shit,  in other words, the hardware for the laptop,
plus any conceivable thing that one could plug in.  Got rid of every
reference in autoconfig and runlevel.conf that I can imagine, and it
still seeks the raid array, and, since I had no modules, boot up takes
just as long, with the result that the modules are not found.    I want
to make it so that there is no reference anywhere to any possible raid
issue, and get rid of that ten second lilo delay as well, as I do not
need it, since I am always able to boot into grml.  Likewise, most
laptops have had no floppy drive for at least two years.  fd0 does not
exist, never did, never will, why load the module, or if blacklisted,
why seek to seek it?  

Greetings from the wilds of NYC,


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