[Grml] technical information website http://grml.org

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Tue Jun 19 00:36:40 CEST 2007

* Geert Stappers <stappers at stappers.nl> [20070618 19:15]:

> The website http://grml.org is a nice looking one.

Thanks :)

> My intension is to use the same skeleton.
> But does it has a skeleton? Or other framework?
> Could someone provide technical information about the GRML website?

The framework is known as "Mika's Zsh and Vim garage". ;)

It's plain simple HTML and PHP (with some includes - no framework)
for content and menu handling, combined with CSS for the layout
stuff. I'm managing content with Vim (for main editing of course),
Zsh (zmv & CO) and sed/grep/perl/... (for the usual "bigger actions
have to be done" ;-)).

 http://grml.org/            # Linux for texttool-users and sysadmins
 http://wiki.grml.org/       # share your knowledge
 http://grml.supersized.org/ # the grml development weblog
 #grml @ irc.freenode.org    # meet us on irc
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