[Grml] Booting with grub on usb-flash-pen

Morten Christensen mc-grml at mc.cx
Sun Jul 1 20:46:02 CEST 2007

Michael Prokop skrev den 01-07-2007 18:16:
> * Morten Christensen <mc-grml at mc.cx> [20070701 18:08]:
>> I have installed grml-small 0.40 on an usb flash-pen with grml2hd.
>> When I try to boot it grub answers
>> root (hd1,0)
>> Filesystem unknown, partition type 0x7
>> Error 17: Cannot mount selected partition
>> Can any of you help me with, how to identify the flash-pen in grub? I 
>> expect to make several lines in the grub/menu, and choose between them 
>> depending on, if the PC already has a sata-harddisk or a pata-harddisk.
> Partition type 0x7 is HPFS/NTFS, looks like you are trying to access
> the wrong boot device. :)
> Try 'root (hd0,0)' instead - does this what you expect it to?

Yes, that did the trick. Now with (hd0,0) it boots on sdb1, where 
(hd1,0) tries to boot on sda1 - the sata-harddisk.

Maybee (hd0, ) is just the first disk in the boot-sequence.

Next question to someone : can I get this grub to boot from an iso-file 
like grml1.0 or even Knoppix or BartPE on the flash-pen ?

Morten Christensen

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