[Grml] sarge and kernel 2.6.18-grml: console and keyboard

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Fri Jan 19 20:13:38 CET 2007

[Erich, can you please use the threading-feature for your mails, so
mails regarding 'sarge and kernel 2.6.18-grml' stay within one
thread? :) Thanks.]

* Erich Minderlein <erminderlein at locoware.de> [20070119 15:15]:

> console and keyboard:

> man zsh*(something)

> creates some unexpected special characters in the output instead of the
> foreseen text manipulations like e.g. underscore or ?? (bold works.)
> Keys Home (Pos1), End, Insert (Einfg) and Delete (Entf) dont work,
> but give a tilde on the console. 
> Umlaute äöü ÄÖÜ dont work. 

What are you talking about? About a Debian sarge system?

> Tried not very hard to find Lat15-Terminus16 in the repos-pool, did not
> succeed. where is it ?

aptitude install console-terminus

> What is the fitting console font ?

Depends on your needs. ;) If you are running an iso8859-15 based
system Lat15-Terminus16 should be fine for you, using utf8 requires
a font like Uni3-Terminus16.

> and where is it in repos?
> (booting with lang=de)

lang=de bootoption on a Debian sarge?!

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