[Grml] problem with swspeak on amd 64 X 2 dual core.

Doug Smith bdsmith at oralux.org
Sat Feb 24 03:33:18 CET 2007

Ok, here we go again.  I have a question to ask you before my wife
buys me a new system.  She told me that she would get me a new AMD 64
X 2 dual core, and that I can get it in any configuration I want.  Of
course, I want the media center edition with the radio/tv tuner card,
the a/v in and out, and the big drive and boat-loads of memory, but I
need to ask you about this: 

Ok, when I go into any store, this has happened two times in the last
couple or three weeks.  When I put the disk into the drive on one of
the display models and start it back up, right there, in front of
everyone in the store, and I am supposed to know what to do with a
computer, the swspeak fails.  Here's what happens, to the best of my

First of all, my wife along with the store employee are watching to
see if the thing will work.  Neither of them knows jack swish about a
talking computer.  Well, everything, as far as the hardware is
detected, and it tells me to just run swspeak when the boot sequence
is finished, though I never hear this.  Well, I just run swspeak when
everything is finished.  I get a message about having "failed to write
128 samples." Does this have to do with the kind of on-board sound
hardware on the machine, or not?:"Should I have this disabled in the
bios when I buy the machine, and just put my soundblaster live ls in
it or what?  Should I run a sound configuration program in GRML to
detect this new sound hardware?  I just want to know.  

I hope that there is nothing totally fatal in the system that makes
GRML not boot on one of these machines.  I really like GRML and plan
to use it.  Should I not get a system like this, or is there sopme
simple fix? 

Thank you very much.  

I use grml (http://grml.org/)

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