[Grml] Why does the speech system like to spell instead of read words?

Doug Smith bdsmith at oralux.org
Wed Feb 14 02:55:57 CET 2007

Hello, once more, and probably for the last time for a while.  I know
I am really bothering people on here, so I will leave it alone after
this one.  

I have to use the speech on here so I have to make sure that it is
really working well.  It is except for one minor thing.  How do I keep
the speech system from jumkping into this strange mode where it likes
to spell everything letter by letter, and, rather slowly, at that,
rather than just read the words.  Is there a way to correct this?  I
will get it done.  

Thank you.

I use grml (http://grml.org/)

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