[Grml] vim, grml 0.9 on hd - strange characters after using backspace

Sven Guckes guckes at guckes.net
Mon Feb 12 02:55:36 CET 2007


* Frank Eisenblaetter <feisenbl at gmx.de> [2007-02-12 02:28]:
> I have a strange problem with vim. When I use backspace
> to delete some characters while I am in instering mode, there
> appear blanks or other characters which I definitely not typed.
> example: [a], [backspace], [a] results
> in the folowing character å

entering X BS Y combines X and Y
to a single, special character.
eg a BS " gives you an ä .

see ":help digraphs".
use ":set nodigraph"
to make it go away.

you can still use CTRL-K in insert mode
to combine the following two characters
to a single special one, eg
CTRL-K o / results in an ø - try it!


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