[Grml] problem installing packages.

Doug Smith dougsmith1 at charter.net
Mon Dec 31 15:10:44 CET 2007

Ok, I have a little problem with installing packages on here.  I don't
know why packages won't install, but the install process just hangs
after the packages are downloaded.  I wanted, for example, to install
gcj on here, but the packages were downloaded, and the process just
hung indefinitely.  

What's the problem and how can I fix it.  

I like the new release candidate.  I have never had this good service
from speakup, but you eliminated almost all that stupid spelling.  It
does jump into it occasionally, but it is not nearly as much as it has
been before.  

The rest of the diestro looks great.  
All my command line favs are here and in their latest versions.  This
is good.  I just need to know what to do about that failure to install

Thank you.  

I use grml (http://grml.org/)

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