[Grml] 1.1 rc1 - a small problem with "bouncing window"...

Michael Schierl schierlm at gmx.de
Mon Dec 31 15:02:44 CET 2007

Michael Prokop schrieb:

> Can you please grab a screenshot and provide it to us so we get an
> idea what you are talking about? :)

It sounds like an an "on screen display" of his LCD panel which
complains about the screen resolution. Can you try booting with "nofb"
or with "fb800x600" and check if the window disappears. If not, check
the OSD menu (press some buttons on the screen) if you can disable this

Telling us the screen resolution you use normally (and the monitor
refresh rates) might help as well.

> If you don't know how to grab a screenshot from plain console:
> just run:
>   fbgrab -c 1 screeni.png
> to capture tty1, if you are talking about X just run 'scrot'.

An OSD window will not appear on any screen shots, I guess. Except one
made by a digital camera, of course.


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