[Grml] Installing GRML with Speech

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Fri Dec 7 00:32:20 CET 2007

* Jerry Matheny <starnoble at gmail.com> [20071204 22:52]:

> Hello, I am a blind computer user, and am trying to install GRML
> on my laptop computer. My setup is as follows: I'm using the
> speakup_synth=ltlk boot parameter to start my external
> synthesizer, however I wish to also use a 2 gb swap partition that
> I have created just in case. How can I run grml2hd to do this?

grml2hd automatically tries to detect present speakup bootoptions if
you used them for booting the live-cd, so it should just work. :)

Regarding your other questions check out Maurice's mails.

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