[Grml] Re: [grml-bugs] bug#25: Wish lists for enhancing the grml configuration system

- Tong - mlist4suntong at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 22 22:24:26 CEST 2007

On Sun, 22 Apr 2007 12:17:17 +0200, Michael Prokop wrote:

>> I hope the following minor enhancements to the grml configuration
>> system can make into the 1.0 release.
> Preface: 1.0 is already feature freezed...

Oh, I didn't know that. Sure, postpone to later version then.

>> - myconfig=scan. ...
>>   I need another automatic way to specify the grml configuration
>>   device. 
> So what exactly are you requesting here?  You mean you want to get a
> 'myconfig=scan' which searches through all available partitions for a file
> config.tbz [in the root directory] and use it then?

Yep, that will do. Or, it can be as fancy as:

 myconfig=scan [config_file]


 myconfig=scan my_real_fancy_config_file.ext

One of the reason that I need to specify my own config_file name is that I
could sneak in a config file in a publicly shared machine. I would name it
as close to a window$ system file as possible in order to prevent it from
being deleted by some bored users.

>> - Boot-Options config.d, i.e., please define a grml configuration
>>   directory. On booting all the .tbz files from within the defined
>>   directory or from the config.d option, will be restored, in the
>>   order by their names.
> You mean like the config bootoption which does:
> | restore configuration using file config.tbz from directory /cdrom/config/
> (see http://grml.org/config/grml-config.html for more details) but
> not only use *one* config.tbz but *all* the available tbz files from
> the directory?
> So it would become:
> | config.d  =>   restore all tbz. files from directory /cdrom/config.d/
> That's what you want?

Exactly! restore them in the order of their names.

>>   The save-config generated configuration, the plain bzip2
>>   compressed tar archives is a good thing. But I don't like the fact
>>   that all related or unrelated files are all stuffed into this same
>>   file. I hope that I can group related files into different .tbz
>>   files. It is much more easy to manage than a single file.
> You can name your config.tbz like you want (even when generating it
> with save-config), see the config=config_foobar.tbz stuff at
> http://grml.org/config/grml-config.html
> AFAICS all that has to be done for this feature is the config.d
> stuff, right?


> Why I delayed the "persistent root via unionfs" stuff is simple:
> unionfs is under heavy development (including some dropped features)
> and aufs is the current stable solution I prefer. I want to have
> things settle down before I write code for it, so let's see whether
> unionfs hits vanilla kernel...

Oh, I didn't know about the stable alternative aufs, thanks for
explanation, mika.

Tong (remove underscore(s) to reply)

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