[Grml] A thought about modules

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Tue Nov 28 17:11:40 CET 2006

* Juergen Fiedler <juergen.fiedler at gmail.com> [20061128 16:39]:

>  Maybe it is already there and I just managed to miss it this far; if so, I
>  apologize.
>  Here is my thought, anyway: Wouldn't it be neat to have modules containing
>  data and/or executables that can be added to or removed from the system at
>  runtime?

>  I tried the following from the 0.8 live CD with a HD mounted on /mnt/hda1:
>  -------

>  This creates a squashed filesystem image that can be added to /UNIONFS:
>  -------
>  root at grml:/root# mkdir -p /mnt/hda1/tmp/mnt/mtx
>  root at grml:/root# mount -o loop -t squashfs /mnt/hda1/tmp/mtx.squashfs
>  /mnt/hda1/tmp/mnt/mtx
>  root at grml:/root# unionctl /UNIONFS --add --after /ramdisk --mode ro
>  /mnt/hda1/tmp/mnt/mtx
>  -------

>  After that, mtx is available for use, just as if it was part of the real
>  live CD.

Yes, excellent. :)

>  Would something like that be useful for grml? Useful enough to create an
>  official set of scripts to create, add and remove such modules?

Yes - something like that is definitely on our todo- and wishlist.

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