[Grml] Debian repos based on locale

Ulrich Dangel schula at grml.org
Sun Nov 26 05:06:49 CET 2006

* Mark wrote [26.11.06 04:41]:
> Default apt sources for grml are .de & .at domains.  For grml proper,
> ok.  For external Debian packages, default apt sources based on locale
> would be nice.  (Debian.org subdomains make this fairly easy, yes?)

Hm, netselect-apt should make this pretty easy, i think. Btw. it is not
as easy as you think. For example multi user systems which different
locales for different user. Which should be the default mirror and so

> The user should get continental selection between Europe, Africa, Asia,
> North America, South America.  The big problem is going over ocean
> cables for apt updates.
> No need for separate files.  Have all repos listed in one file,
> commented out.  Scripts like grml2hd can comment-in as appropriate to
> finalize.

One easy solution would be run 
| netselect-apt -o /tmp/sources.list && 
| cat /tmp/sources.list >> /et/apt/sources.list && 
| rm /tmp/sources.list
and have no debian sources in /et/apt/sources.list

Please note that this have a litte problem, if /tmp/sources.list is a
symlink to another file. So if you want to use this in productive
environment please use mktemp.

Btw. if you use this solution, the problem is that you must have a
network connection that this will work.

> M.

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