[Grml] How to Re-configure Video?

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Fri Nov 3 22:15:12 CET 2006

* Peter Eberl <peb at eberl.com> [20061103 22:11]:

> I had to use a different computer to setup the HD. Unfortunately the
> screen resolution is now different (setup was done with 1024*768, now
> the resolution on the target is 800*600).

> This impacts the framebuffer and it's handling, in console mode not
> showing all lines, which is annoying.

> how can I easily reconfigure on the target machine the LILO setup, so
> that even with framebuffer the display is ok?

Just adjust the vga=... line(s) in /etc/lilo.conf and rerun lilo.
For 1024x768 take 'vga=0x0317'.

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