[Grml] Grml/Grml-small sort of progress report.

s. keeling keeling at spots.ab.ca
Thu Nov 2 10:03:09 CET 2006

Incoming from Michael Prokop:
> * s. keeling <keeling at spots.ab.ca> [20061102 23:06]:
> > ran with the install.  So, what's grml-small's problem?
> Seems you're mixing bootoptions for grml2hd with interactive mode:
> > [*] grml2hd partition=/dev/hdc1 mbr=/dev/hdc filesystem=ext2 \
> >        user=keeling root=/dev/hdc1
> You seem to be running this command in the shell, right?  Of course
> it won't work then, because you specified 'partition=/dev/hdc1' as
> your partition instead of just '/dev/hdc1'.

Thanks, that worked.  I now have grml-small installed and bootable
from my existing grub.  I've done "apt-get update && aptitude update &&
aptitude install xserver-xorg xfonts-75dpi fluxbox" and can now run
X.  There's lots of free space on my 2 Gb drive.  :-)

I appear to have lots of broken (according to aptitude) packages.
I've got the stock grml-small three lines uncommented in
/etc/apt/sources.list ... should I fix that somehow?

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