[Grml] Is accessing striped "dynamic disks" from GRML possible?

Ulrich Dangel schula at grml.org
Thu Nov 2 16:58:52 CET 2006

* Michael Prokop wrote [02.11.06 16:10]:
> * Michael Schierl <schierlm-public at gmx.de> [20061101 19:15]:
> > I wanted to rescue some files from a broken Win2000 install with grml.
> > The data to rescue were stored on a striped partition on a dynamic disk
> > (Windows' equivalent to a software raid0).
> Running on fakeraid? [ http://linux-ata.org/faq-sata-raid.html ]
No. dynamic disk is the equivillant on the windows side to the software
raid, which you assemble with mdadm. Fakeraid is done by the driver
itself, and dynamic disk is done by windows itself. Yes, windows has
such things to, oh and you can also "mount" disks to some directorys...

You can get the software which is needed to access such a dynmic disc
from http://www.linux-ntfs.org/cvs/vc/dynamic-disk/ But i dont know how
good it works.

> [...]
> > Does anyone know a way to access these files from grml? Or is it
> > impossible to do this from Linux and I have to include a BartPE disk in
> > my rescue disk set as well?
Try the link above and build it on you're own. 
Just do an
| cvs -d:pserver:anonymous at cvs.linux-ntfs.org:/cvs/linux-ntfs login

| cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous at cvs.linux-ntfs.org:/cvs/linux-ntfs co -P dynamic-disk                              

I've just build a .deb for this package, you can get it from
Note: I didnt test it, because i dont have any windows partitions right
here. Hope that helps someone

> regards,
> -mika-

WARNING: RAID-6 is currently highly experimental. If you use it, there is 
no guarantee whatsoever that it won't destroy your data, eat your disk drives,
insult your mother, or re-appoint George W. Bush. 
/usr/src/linux/drivers/md/Kconfig - 2.6.8

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