[Grml] How to use Splashscreen grml Scripts

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Thu May 4 19:58:52 CEST 2006

* Keller Florian <Florian.Keller at zuerich.ch> [20060504 15:15]:

> >> What exactly are you missing? Or better: what do you want to do? :-)

> Yes, I want to make packages beside your Distro like CiscoVPN
> Client, CitrixICA Client and some others. In slax I could make for
> this Modules .mo files, compressed with SquashFS. If I change
> something (changed a lot of stuff @ moment :)), I've to to create
> whole GRML image.

> So if your image would be splitted it would be better for
> customizing :). Something Like that maybe:

> - Kernel
> - Kernel Source
> - X-System
> - Security Tools
> - Graphic Tools
> etc ... :)

> Thats all that I miss in your Distribution.

Do you mean this kind of modules?

So to get the idea: you want to have a single file which includes a
specific software (let's say CitrixICA Client) and want to add this
to a running grml system, right?

> Thanks for the infos about the Splash integration. I made a little
> Script for an ASCII Splash Screen :).

Hm, I'm thinking about an ACII version of a bootscreen, maybe
there's a nice-looking way to do this via ASCII only. Hmmm... :)

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