[Grml] iso_2022

Martin Yazdzik yazdzik at nyct.net
Wed Jun 21 14:49:53 CEST 2006

Dear Friends,

Is there some reason other than my own stupidity that this charset is not 
available to me?

I am now using grml on my mission critical machines daily, and the only real 
drawbacks are:

1. not all auto-installers, such as hsfmodem drivers or ati installer work 
with grml, although they do with debian sid.  Naturally, I have done the 
thing with the tip from the wiki, but we should be able to build kernels, 
modules, use off the 'net installers same as debian.  Funny enough, when one 
uses, for example, the .deb from the linuxant site, rather than run the 
script, it installs perfectly, even writing correctly to the runlevel.conf 
file.  So it may have to do with permissions somewhere, or something in the 
makefiles that is way beyond me.  (Yes, I know grml is not for noobs like me, 
but it is still the easiest and best distro out there - which should alarm us 
more than it does, I suppose) 

2. the kde desktop(which is a big step for me from ICEWM) does not handle all 
fonts and languages that I am used to in  libranet /debian, where eveything 
seems just to work.  SImply put, if if it is a font or charset, I need it, 
and it needs to work first time everytime.  It took an hour to get ipa 
working in the two or three fonts it works in, and one still cannot copy tipa 
from the gucharmap or kcharselector into openoffice documents. 

Can we, as a quick fix, therefore,  find a way to make jp iso 2022(or for that 
matter, all available locales) available to the kde desktop easily?  It is 
not even listed in "dpkg-reconfigure locales."

Also, one last request:

I keep a somewhat accurate collection of the mailing list, but gmane drops 
things very quickly from their server, so is there a way for us to access the 
entire set of posts ab initio?


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