[Grml] Re: Re: Re: adduser and RPC Connection

s. keeling keeling at spots.ab.ca
Tue Jul 18 06:45:21 CEST 2006

Incoming from T:
> On Mon, 17 Jul 2006 20:50:33 -0600, s. keeling wrote:
> >> - is there any way to disable Debian's useradd from using NIS and making
> >> rpc calls/connections?
> > 
> > Scrounge around in /etc/init.d for stuff that does that.  Turn it off.
> ?

(0) heretic /home/keeling_ al /etc/init.d
./                  discover*     hwclockfirst.sh*    mysql*       skeleton*
../                 dns-clean*    ifupdown*           networking*  smartmontools*
README              esd_init*     ifupdown-clean*     nfs-common*  ssh*
atd*                exim4*        inetd*              ntp-server*  stop-bootlogd@
aumix*              fam*          initrd-tools.sh*    nviboot*     sudo*
bootclean.sh        fauxident*    keymap.sh*          portmap*     sysklogd*
bootlogd*           fetchmail*    klogd*              ppp*         udev*
bootmisc.sh*        gdm*          lpd*                pppd-dns*    udev-mtab*
checkfs.sh*         halt*         lprng*              procps.sh*   umountfs*
checkroot.sh*       hdparm*       makedev*            rc*          umountnfs.sh*
console-screen.sh*  hdparm_init*  module-init-tools*  rcS*         urandom*
cron*               hostname.sh*  modutils*           reboot*      xfree86-common*
dbus-1*             hotplug*      mountall.sh*        rmnologin*
dictd*              hotplug-net*  mountnfs.sh*        sendsigs*
dirmngr*            hwclock.sh*   mountvirtfs*        single*

Hmmm ...


egrep 'nfs|rsh|portmap|rpc|nis|...' /etc/init.d/*

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