[Grml] grml and forensics

Kevin Jones kevin at kevinrj.net
Tue Jan 31 22:52:56 CET 2006

Hello, I'm in a college computer forensics class. The students are all using
the nopix helix live cd and most of the tools are gui. Was wondering what
grml had for forensics, or what some users have done in that area. I'm
hoping grml on a pendrive so i can install additional packages is a good

Pendrive problems, I bought the sandisc minicruiser and found they have a
hidden partition with their launchpad program so you cant boot into grml
from the drive. Have any users had this problem?
Also, how can I make the grml live cd boot up talking with software speech
without entering the bootup options?
With nopix becomming so popular among computer professionals, it's great to
see grml providing similar capabilities to blind users.

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