[Grml] re: grml boot from iso

boulhian boulhian1 at menara.ma
Fri Apr 28 01:33:27 CEST 2006

You can also boot grml_iso from HD without grml_CD.
Condition:  you must have a linux partition with grub as linux loader on 
your HD.

Here is a way to do so:
1-copy grml_iso to a partition on HD: (hda5 as example).
               grml tohd=/dev/hda5

2-reboot to your linux box.(my / is on /dev/hda5).

3-create  grml  directory  in  /boot of your linux partition : as root
               mkdir /boot/grml

4-copy the files "linux26" and "minirt26.gz" from grml_CD/boot/isolinux 
to /boot/grml

5-edit  /boot/grub/menu.lst to add entry for grml.
 here is as example the entry of grml in my /boot/grub/menu.lst

          # this entry boot grml from iso_image  on /dev/hda5
          title   Grml
                 root  (hd0,4)
                 kernel  /boot/grml/linux26  fromhd=/dev/hda5  lang=fr 
vga=797  ramdisk=100000
                 initrd  /boot/grml/minirt26.gz

6-it's all. reboot and pick Grml at grub menu.

Thanks Grml team for the great work.

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