[Grml] timezone chaos

martin yazdzik yazdzik at nyct.net
Sat Apr 22 15:56:36 CEST 2006

On Saturday 22 April 2006 04:21, Michael Prokop wrote:
> * my <yazdzik at nyct.net> [20060422 07:15]:
> > I have a near perfect grml setup - all hardware actually works, without
> > exception on my dell laptop.
> >
> > However, and this is a problem deep enough to render the system useless
> > in the long run, there is no way to get the time to read correctly.
> [...]
> Try running 'tzconfig'.

root at deblap1 /home/yazdzik # tzconfig
Your current time zone is set to America/New_York
Do you want to change that? [n]: n
Your time zone will not be changed
root at deblap1 /home/yazdzik # date
Sat Apr 22 03:47:29 EDT 2006
root at deblap1 /home/yazdzik #

correct time after checking and unchecking the apply button in kde automatic 
times update is, of course,

yazdzik at deblap1 ~ % date
Sat Apr 22 09:52:21 EDT 2006
yazdzik at deblap1 ~ %

I know this is persnickety, but it seems like a good thing to try and track 
down, as it has something to do with either:

a. the system somewhere still thinks we are at home in Wien,
b. the system clock will simply not accept the fact that the hw clock is set 
to locale time.

Any guesses?

Thanks again for you taking everything so seriously.  

Warmest best wishes,


> regards,
> -mika-

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