[Grml] ppp help quick

my yazdzik at nyct.net
Mon Apr 17 03:52:43 CEST 2006

Dear grml friends,

Sorry for the urgent need, but I am writing this from my libranet
partition as ppp vua slmodem driver does not function for me - there is
one place I travel often with only dial-up(! - really - in the USA in
2006) and the command from kppp modem query on either /dev/modem
or /dev/sl0 gives the answer for country "austria", thus creating the
situation where kppp does not recognise the dial tone.  I truly miss
Austria, and shall someday return, but in th meantime, this should not
happen, and I need to know why this happens, where the conf file is and
what I can do to get a dial-up connexion working.

I am sorry for the haste, and sorrier for my ignorance, but this should
not be an issue, unless the modem driver or alsa modem conf file is
reading my wishful thinking as to where I want to be. ;)


One dire emergency
"...children and young people feel instinctively the difference between
those who genuinely wish them well and those who regard them merely as
raw material for some scheme." --Russell

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