[Grml] Upgrade scenarios and GRML versions

Mark or2uvma02 at sneakemail.com
Sun Nov 27 01:35:30 CET 2005

A new theme now, user upgrades.  This note is not about grml2hd, just
how to keep my users current over time.

Suppose that, for my users, I execute grml2hd to install GRML; and then,
on top of GRML, Debian desktop packages (mostly GNOME, maybe Ubuntu if
it will work).  This is my current plan.

The question I have is what problems/issues you foresee in terms of
upgrading users over time where GRML is the underlying Debian system.  I
need to avoid full system re-installs (grml2hd all over again).  I
believe this job is easy.  I just thought I would ask.  Experience
teaches me that others often think of things that I do not foresee.  The
main items I want to keep upgraded are (1) kernel and (2) GRML h/w
autodetection.  These are the critical ones.  Both affect
driver/hardware support.

(p.s. I signed up as a beta tester and would be willing to use beta
versions as necessary - since I only have 0.5 right now assume that as

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