[Grml] Re: USB boot success: grml-big-0.5 + grml2hd-0.5.5

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Wed Nov 23 22:50:19 CET 2005

* Mark <or2uvma02 at sneakemail.com> [20051123 22:29]:
> > > It's just as much work to avoid copying specific files as it is
> > > to copy-all and then delete them.

> > Saving some few MB when copying >2GB
> > compared with the code complexity such a solution would have, is
> > nothing anyone of us will implement. grml2hd should stay small,
> > maintainable and therefor stable.

> I agree, grml2hd should stay small, maintainable, and stable.
> The code complexity is greater now.

> It's not a question of saving a few MB; it's a question of creating
> user systems that are not bogged down with complexities (extra
> services) they don't need which are also open for hacker attack.

Exactly therefor the script 'remove-packages-server' exists and is
integrated into grml2hd. The modularity allows to run
remove-packages-server even on the harddisk installation, absolutely
independent from grml2hd.

> I don't see how copy-some is more complex than delete-some.
> They are equivalent.


Using the existing, working package management is less complex and
easier to mantain than rewriting a 'cp -a /from /to' to exclude
specific files.

> Sure, it's easier to do copy-all; but the script also does delete-some
> after that.  If it just did copy-some, it would not need delete-some.
> So it saves a step and reduces complexity.

No, the copy-some would add complexity. If you don't believe me just
read the source.

> I did not get an impression of stability from the delete-some step.
> There were tons of errors and warnings, confusing questions, etc.
> I went over that in a prior message.

As long as it does not fail it's not an error but a warning.
Warnings are kind of normal behaviour. They just let you know that
there *might* be something which *might* lead into problems ("I
expected foo but received bar"). As long as it does not fail -
therefor interrupts - it's not a problem at all. If you are not used
to see warnings, you either aren't used to Debian or your Distro
hides such stuff from you.

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