[Grml] Post HD-install again..

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Sun Nov 20 23:09:39 CET 2005

* Ishwar Rattan <ishwar at pali.cps.cmich.edu> [20051120 22:54]:

> The grml version is
> 0.5 Release Codename Tokolytika [2005-10-24]


> What should be the contents of /etc/modules file? I just now added

> autofs4
> es1371
> parport
> usb-storage

> to see if things will change.

There's nothing specific you have to set, except you want to load
modules automatically if they aren't yet loaded through discover,
hotplug-light or something like that.

> Syslog does not write anything to /var/log/messages till I start

> 	/etc/init.s/syslog-ng start

> The entries in /etc/runlevel.conf are

> 20      0,1,6   -               /etc/init.d/cupsys
> 20      0,1,6   -               /etc/init.d/autofs

> and none for

> hotplug-light and syslog-ng

> so far I start them by hand.

hotplug-light and syslog-ng are started through grml-autoconfig.
grml-autoconfig is the main part of the hardware detection.
grml-autoconfig gets started in runlevel 2:

root at grml ~ # grep grml-autoconfig /etc/runlevel.conf
30      -       2               /etc/init.d/grml-autoconfig

Don't you see something like in http://grml.org/tmp/fastboot.png
when booting your grml system? It sounds like grml-autoconfig is
never run, this would explain the problems you did consider so far.

Compare the files /etc/runlevel.conf /etc/runlevel.conf.hdinstall.
Is grml-autoconfig present when booting your system?
/etc/grml/autoconfig set to 'yes'?

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