[Grml] Post HD-install (fwd)

Ishwar Rattan ishwar at pali.cps.cmich.edu
Sun Nov 20 16:42:42 CET 2005

It is looks like that I missed the reply to this post..


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Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2005 18:13:23 -0500 (EST)
From: Ishwar Rattan <ishwar at pali.cps.cmich.edu>
To: Michael Prokop <mika at grml.org>
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Subject: Re: [Grml] Post HD-install

On Sat, 19 Nov 2005, Michael Prokop wrote:

> * Ishwar Rattan <ishwar at pali.cps.cmich.edu> [20051119 14:50]:
> > Last night I did a grml2hd install at my home box. It is an
> > old Dron based PC with ensoniq-1370 sound card.
> > It comes out that the install different from live-cd.
> > The usb storage hotplug does not work any more, it
> > was operational in live-cd usage (the usb stick was
> > detected at /dev/sda1 and mounted automatically).
> > So, how do I get the functionality back?
> What does "usb storage hotplug does not work any more" mean exactly?
> Mounting of usb-stick does not work anymore? The usb-modules aren't
> loaded? Which version of grml did you install? Does running 'Restart
> hotplug-light' as user root solve the problem?
> JFYI: USB sticks are available through /dev/external1 -> /mnt/external1

I might have a buggy HD-install. Should I reinstall?

I think that usb-modules are not loaded even after starting hotplug-light.
It comes out that usb-storage module is not loaded at system boot.
Modprobe usb-storage, followed by hotplug-light start works fine.

Also, I am confused about entries in /etc/runlevel.conf, the third
column has '-' in most of the entries. How is the runlevel (3rd col entry)
determined for a service? For services: autofs, cupsys, hotplug-light,
syslog-ng as in
  update-rc.d cupsys defaults 20
does not specify the runlevel of cupsys...

My guess for runlevels would be: autofs/3, cupsys/3, hotplug-light/3,
syslog-ng/2?? For stopping these services I would guess runlevel 6.

Is there a rule of thumb for this decision?


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