[Grml] Feedback needed

Rain Stormchild stormchild at online.ie
Sun Mar 13 10:10:58 CET 2005

Am Sat, 12 Mar 2005 00:11:42 +0100
Michael Prokop <mika at grml.org> schrieb:

> Hello grml-users,

> Please run 'grml-x2 $WINDOWMANAGER' [e.g. 'grml-x2 wmi' to start
> wmi] instead of 'grml-x $WINDOWMANAGER' and please let me know if it
> works for you or if you notice any problems.

I tested 'grml-x2 fluxbox' on different machines.
The X started well, but in fluxbox the fonts are not visible, menu is empty.
On one machine the Monitor get "sync out of range" 
ddcxinfo -hsync -vsync
says: "0-0 0-0".
In this case a vsync of 60Hz would be better.


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