[Grml] will not mount correct

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Wed Jan 12 13:22:19 CET 2005

* Ad Dingemanse <daddieday at fastmail.fm> [20050112 09:13]:
> Michael Prokop wrote:
> >* Ad Dingemanse [20050111 14:16]:

> >>I downloaded and burned the new version and tried it this morning but 
> >>there is a mounting problem:
> >>"Mounting /cdrom/GRML/GRML /GRML failed: invalid argument"
> >>I have no idea what's wrong  or who can help

> >Is the CD-ROM drive IDE or SCSI?

> It is an IDE

Oh, very strange, indeed.

> >Did you verify the md5sum for the grml iso?

> and I did verify the md5sum, which was correct


> >Does "grml scsi=probe" work for you?

> so, this didn't work for me.


> The first screenshot on grml.org shows the bootup sequence
> in my case the last rows show this:
> *Enabling DMA acceleration for: hda      [SAMSUNG SV0432A]
> Enabling DMA acceleration for: hdc      [LTN483L]
> Enabling DMA acceleration for: hdd      [CD-RW BCE4012IM]

It seems you have at least 2 CD-ROM drives, right?
What happens if you put the grml-CD into the other CD-ROM drive?

>    Accessing grml CDROM at /dev/hdc...   mount:  Mounting  
> /cdrom/GRML/GRML on /GRML failed:  Invalid argument

> Can't find grml filesystem,  sorry.
> Dropping you to the busybox shell.
> Press reset button to quit.

> BusyBox v1.00 (2004.12.17-15:57+0000) Built-in shell  (ash)
>    Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.

> /static/sh: can't acces tty: job controll turned off
> grml#
> *I hope you have some good advice for me

Ok, let's see what happens if you run the commands manually (when
dropped to the busybox shell).

Please start with:

mount -t squashfs /cdrom/GRML/GRML /GRML -o loop,ro

Please also provide output of:

ls -la /dev/cdrom /cdrom /cdrom/GRML/GRML /dev/hda /dev/hdc /dev/hdd /GRML

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