[Grml] Virus scanner

Mark or2uvma02 at sneakemail.com
Sat Dec 17 19:59:32 CET 2005

OK, that is right, I did not start clamav-daemon...but then you say
there's no need for it...that's confusing.

I followed Mika's previous instructions and reported a result.  Please
tell me what to do!  And without ellipses!  The hard drive is /mnt/hda1
and NTFS (Win NT 4).  It is the only hard drive.  I followed
instructions to the letter, as best I could.

Freshclam or not, Clamscan hangs the machine.  Clamscan ran overnight
with no output and no discernable disk drive activity.  Mid-day it still
sits here doing nothing.  This hard drive is old and very loud so I
would know.

I can use any commands you want, just tell me.  I would prefer explicit
advice.  I never pretended to be a ClamAV expert.  Maybe this test can
become part of your 0.6 application checkout.


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