[Grml] grml 0.5 and WPA

Oliver Vecernik ml at vecernik.at
Fri Dec 16 20:09:12 CET 2005

Hi again,

I'm still trying to connect an Acer TM636 to a local WLAN. I've got an
integrated ORiNOCO Mini PCI Card (802.11b), but when I start
grml-network to configure eth1 WPA is not offered as choice.

Then I read that WG511T should work flawlessly. After rebooting I tried
to configure ath0 (again with grml-network). The only information I've
got is the SSID and the WPA passphrase. But unfortunately dhclient get's
no response. :-(

Both cards are fully working under another commercial operating system
originally installed on this machine.

I'd prefer to use the built in ORiNOCO, but at least the Netgear card
should be working. Has anybody got some pointers?


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