[Grml-testing-changes] grml-etc-core_0.15.0_amd64.changes ACCEPTED in grml-testing

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Fri Jun 1 16:15:55 CEST 2018

0.15.0 of grml-etc-core successfully installed in grml-testing. 

 grml-etc-core (0.15.0) grml-testing; urgency=medium
   [ Moviuro ]
   * [b78f11c] zshrc: Enable ls(1)'s natural sorting if available
   * [2735a11] zshrc: Add comments about the ls_ and grep_options we set
   * [c06666b] zshrc: add the islinux() test before testing for ls -v
   * [1fa194e] zshrc: test if ls is GNU ls instead of islinux()
   [ Michael Prokop ]
   * [2f64ae0] Fix a bunch of typos
   * [dcba02c] zshrc: use `apt` instead of `apt-get` also for search + show
   * [e7f2321] Bump debian/compat to 10
   * [28b01b1] Build-Depend on debhelper (>= 10~)
   * [4ccc5ba] Bump Standards-Version to 4.1.4
   [ Frank Terbeck ]
   * [c0a2a4d] Make a couple of history parameters adhere to presets
   * [af65087] Partly revert c0a2a4d again
 d7ba90a8b19e03065ba9c5422345e5ffb6b5762e 1579 grml-etc-core_0.15.0.dsc
 80d8f548003bce150a32b317ddddfd7def0f9928 161905 grml-etc-core_0.15.0.tar.gz
 388435aaf79b56c1a0a346130c81b1ff25e28467 149176 grml-etc-core_0.15.0_all.deb
 a22b658fdd46beb993afbcf9fc4e4d0c6f708591 5842 grml-etc-core_0.15.0_amd64.buildinfo
 de832755d53adb5380dd5750ea979ac77f02b1278a65304a8db363cdd31a1725 1579 grml-etc-core_0.15.0.dsc
 ffaf302e3b9a21e5e86985ecdf7cfe430027b19cab79bc6f16da83ad32e5b485 161905 grml-etc-core_0.15.0.tar.gz
 ba39a9598704fa7cfec307fce14ce81bae5b35590e1561f2e4c2dc6e73f23e5c 149176 grml-etc-core_0.15.0_all.deb
 8aa13d44047d840f20e2bbcbf65daa61a94b19c5a1479d44ed235af95433802b 5842 grml-etc-core_0.15.0_amd64.buildinfo
 4b04d1dfe576f1cd57aad4445225de61 1579 grml optional grml-etc-core_0.15.0.dsc
 412964e2f60841c3f6aa86723651e0f9 161905 grml optional grml-etc-core_0.15.0.tar.gz
 a9636c18aac7f68487a29ab1906e6dc4 149176 grml optional grml-etc-core_0.15.0_all.deb
 f998ad648682d11fb8a95f0bda91dfbf 5842 grml optional grml-etc-core_0.15.0_amd64.buildinfo

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